Sarah Hyland Recalls Her Boobs Being Compared To “Mosquito Bites” In Candid Conversation

Sarah Hyland isn’t afraid to reveal she’s a card-carrying member of the “itty bitty tittie community.”

On the Oct. 28 episode of YouTube series Lady Parts—a show from the minds behind The Ellen DeGeneres ShowSarah, OB/GYN Dr. Sherry Ross, comedian Nicole Byer and Home & Family host Kym Douglas spoke about their relationship with their breasts. 

“I first started to develop breasts in the eighth grade,” the Modern Family alum, 29, explained. “I don’t know if you could really call them breasts, a lot of people called them ‘mosquito bites.'”

And though Kym shared that she grew a bigger chest early on, Sarah said she had to use other measures to fill out. “I was late for some reason with my classmates,” she said. “I stuffed my bra.”

While Sherry explained that breasts don’t stop developing until a person is in their early 20s, Sarah was disappointed. “I was hoping you’d say early 30s,” the TV star joked. “Like, ‘I still got some hope?'”

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